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General Surgery

General Surgery, Thoracic & Minimally Invasive Surgery at Southlake Clinic


General Surgery

General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on a diverse number of disease processes in the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis.

Common General Surgery Procedures

  • Hernia surgery (open and laparoscopic)
  • Anti-reflux surgery
  • Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
  • Removal of soft-tissue masses

Cancer Procedures

  • A number of different cancers are treated by general surgeons, including breast cancers, stomach cancers and colon cancers.
  • General surgeons also treat endocrine diseases, performing operations on the thyroid or parathyroid glands for both benign and malignant processes.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Many general surgery procedures in the chest and abdomen are performed in a minimally invasive fashion (laparoscopic or thoracoscopic), utilizing a number of small (approximately 1cm) trocar sites, to decrease postoperative pain and to shorten the recovery period.
  • One of the most recent developments in general surgery is single-site surgery, most commonly used to remove the gallbladder. This laparoscopic operation utilizes a single small incision hidden in the umbilicus (belly button), resulting in a virtually scar-free procedure.

For a comprehensive consultation for any general surgical needs call Southlake Clinic General Surgery Clinic at (425) 251-1322 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation with our board-certified general surgeon Dr. Wayne Lau.